Adrenal Reset Diet from Dr. Alan Christianson


So many of us are wired and tired and not sleeping well. Often times, insomnia is due to imbalanced cortisol rhythms. Here is a dietary concept developed by Dr. Alan Christianson which has helped me personally with sleep. Normal cortisol rhythms are high in the morning and low in the evenings.  High cortisol levels make …

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Cool Down this Summer

Summer has peaked here in Southern California. As an acupuncturist in the clinic setting, I am seeing cases related to excess heat. These can be rashes, headaches, anxiety, digestive complaints, and much more. If one already has a pattern that correlates with too much heat in the body, summer weather will make it worse. There …

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Multiple Symptoms “root cause” Lab Testing

Many people complain of multiple symptoms which may include chronic joint pain, insomnia, digestive disturbances, etc.
When patients are willing, I find that it is beneficial to draw from a number of screening tools. A lab test that may provide a valuable view into a patient’s “root cause” to multiple complaints may be ARRAY 2 with CYREX Labs. This is an Intestinal Antigenic Permeability Screen. Simply explained, this test screens for tiny microscopic particles (molecules) that have leaked through the intestinal wall which may be causing immune reactions, which could be creating this complex of symptoms. You may contact me if you have any further questions. 805-898-1804

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