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As an Acupuncturist for almost 30 years I have encouraged my patients to come in for treatments when they are sick. However given the nature of COVID 19, this is not the case. While Chinese Medicine does have benefits to offer those suffering the initial stages of COVID 19 , this would be through a […]

We are approaching October which happens to be breast cancer awareness month. Because I have been a Thermographer for 12 years, I feel responsible to teach and explain the benefits of thermography for breast health. First let me say that no screening tool is %100 accurate. While gathering personal information, women have reported to me […]

Herbs and acupuncture instruments

In outrigger canoe paddling, there is a brief moment when all the paddles are in the air and the canoe can flip due to an imbalance of weight or an oncoming wave or current. In this moment, everyone has to keep an eye out to avoid ending up in the water. I liken this to […]

green leaves

Summer season is high travel season for those of us in the United States. If you will be traveling across time zones, disturbing symptoms that we commonly know as “jet lag”, can wreak havoc on the body. My friend Lisa recently asked me if I had any remedies for her feelings of discombobulation and fatigue […]

Pitcher and glass filled with Kombucha with sliced lemon

Below is a link to a great article that sites studies regarding the benefits of Kombucha. Some are animal studies which don’t always translate to humans, but the nutrients found in kombucha have been studied on humans with beneficial effects (healing gastric ulcers and liver detox). One warning, based on my own experience and other practitioners, too much […]

Bowl of Tumeric ginger dip

Tumeric is from the root of the southern Asian shrub Curcuma long and is used extensively for color and flavor in curry cuisines. Many studies have shown it to be a useful anti-inflammatory, but there are so many other uses. Tumeric is also an anti-cancer medicinal. I just read another important article regarding research and useful supplements to […]

Adrenal Reset Books

So many of us are wired and tired and not sleeping well. Often times, insomnia is due to imbalanced cortisol rhythms. Here is a dietary concept developed by Dr. Alan Christianson which has helped me personally with sleep. Normal cortisol rhythms are high in the morning and low in the evenings.  High cortisol levels make […]

summer beach ball in cool water

Summer has peaked here in Southern California. As an acupuncturist in the clinic setting, I am seeing cases related to excess heat. These can be rashes, headaches, anxiety, digestive complaints, and much more. If one already has a pattern that correlates with too much heat in the body, summer weather will make it worse. There […]

Many people complain of multiple symptoms which may include chronic joint pain, insomnia, digestive disturbances, etc. When patients are willing, I find that it is beneficial to draw from a number of screening tools. A lab test that may provide a valuable view into a patient’s “root cause” to multiple complaints may be ARRAY 2 […]